Choosing a Limousine Service in a Few Easy Steps

by | May 23, 2013 | Transportation

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Being near New York City means that there are a lot of limousine services in the area. With so many choices, it can be a little difficult to determine which limousine service to hire. To help with the decision process here are a few tips on choosing a limousine service in Nassau County.

Ask About Insurance Coverage

The first, and arguably most important thing to look for when hiring a limousine company is to make sure that they have insurance. This is necessary to protect the passengers in the limousine in the event that something unforeseen happens during transportation. All companies are required to carry insurance, but it is still worth checking into, especially if the limo driver is just a freelance driver.

Training of Drivers

Another thing to look into is the amount or level of training that the limousine service in Nassau County provides or requires of their limo drivers. The drivers should be professionally trained and have a commercial driver’s license. This is yet another reason to go with a limousine company rather than a freelance individual.


A third thing to check into is the reputation of the limousine company. This should be fairly easy to do. Ask friends, family members, or coworkers about their past experiences with limousine companies in the area. Another place to check is with the third party review sites. Never go on just the testimonials from the limousine company’s website.

Drop By for a Visit

Finally, go visit the location of the limousine company’s place of operation. Do they have an actual location or is it an operation that is run out of someone else’s house? Talk with the owner of the limousine company. A lot can be learned about the company by simply visiting the limousine company’s place of business.

These are just the basic things to pay attention to when looking to hire a new limousine service company. Without doing the proper research beforehand, a fantastic night and turn into a forgetful night in a hurry. It does not take much work in order to find out who runs a sound operation and who runs an unsound operation. For the most part though, most limousine services do everything possible to make their customers happy in order to get repeat business and referrals.


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