Differences In La Grange IL Moving Companies

by | Nov 18, 2022 | Moving

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For those moving companies in La Grange IL for the first time, all the different options in moving companies can be somewhat overwhelming. There may also be a wide variation in the quotes provided for the service, and those differences can mean very different services and customer protections.

Understanding the differences in these types of quotes and the services offered can be instrumental in ensuring you choose the right moving company. Taking the time to compare different La Grange IL moving companies is the first step in the process once you understand what to ask.

Your Moving Dates and Locations

Before talking to moving companies and asking for a quote, know the dates and the location for the move. If you can be flexible on the dates that is particularly important, especially if you can move outside of the peak moving times. The peak times for any local or long distance mover are the weekends and the summer months.

Types of Quotes

Local movers provide relocation services within a city or within a given geographic area. They do not provide moves across state lines or international borders. Long distance movers complete moves between states, across the country, or sometimes even internationally.

These two types of moving companies bill differently. Local companies charge by the hour and based on the number of movers on the job. Long distance moving companies charge by the miles as well as by the weight on the truck and other costs, but they are identified in the billing quote, and they should be detailed on the estimate.

The quote can be binding, which is what you pay for the services and the move requested, or it can be non-binding, which may leave the customer paying a lot more than the quote. There is also the not-to-exceed binding quote, which means you pay the quoted price or, if the weight on the truck is lower, you pay the lower price. Generally, a binding or not-to-exceed quote is the best for the customer and allows for planning the cost of the move.

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