Finding the Best Recreational Vehicle Storage in Las Vegas

A driveway is not always the best place to store a recreational vehicle. RVs are large. They take up driveway space and limit a resident’s view. They also keep neighbors from seeing the attractive facade of a house. In addition, RVs left in driveways are easier targets for burglars and vandals. So, what’s the solution?

Recreational Vehicle Storage in Las Vegas can help customers save space and keep their RVs safe. Below are some of the many advantages of Recreational Vehicle Storage in Las Vegas.

1. The best self-storage companies will have a wide variety of unit sizes. These will range from a small space to units able to fit an RV or several smaller vehicles. The largest units (generally over 830 square feet) will be drive through, meaning no special arrangements must be made for RV storage.

2. Self-storage should be a mixture of convenience and security. The best facilities are gated, have an extensive network of security cameras, and have at least one staff member overseeing things during business hours. Customers are given their own personalized security code for 24-hour access. Most facilities do not provide locks, but many sell them. This allows a customer to know he is the only one who has the key.

3. Units are typically rented on a month-by-month basis. This eliminates the cost of a yearly contract and helps to reduce security deposits. It also makes upgrading to a larger unit (or downgrading to a smaller one) much easier. Rental fees usually range from $30 for the smallest units to $300 for the largest ones. Rent can be paid through cash, check, card, or convenient automatic payment options.

4. Units should be built at an angle from each other to ensure easy vehicle access.

5. Many facilities offer additional services including overnight parking, business storage, and loading and off-loading assistance.

Facilities like Business Name offer a wide variety of unit sizes and shapes, ensuring customers can store almost anything they want. They make sure Recreational Vehicle Storage in Las Vegas is professionally managed, secure, and completely under the customer’s control. Their clean, efficient, well-lit facilities offer customers security, safety, and convenience at any hour fo the day.

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