Moving Tips Involving Food

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Moving and Relocating

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While moving into a new home is a pain, it’s often this necessary evil that people undergo. To make the move less painful, plan ahead. Start to make lists early. Lists start short and in some circumstances, like when you move, they get long. On the other hand, the lists can multiply and stack up. Add these two tips to your moving list to make a difficult task go smoother.

Have the Fridge Ready for Groceries
Ask your local movers in Kirkland WA to plug in the refrigerator when it is put in place. Is it up and running on the day you move in? That would be the day you can’t go back home again. It’s the day you’re untethered. Your new home is a new place. Among all the big stuff you have available to you will be a fridge so you can go grocery shopping. It doesn’t have to be a big shopping trip. Return with food enough for a few days. With food available at your new place, you should have no trouble completing your move.

Reverse Welcome Wagon
After your local movers in Kirkland WA have finished, don’t wait for the welcome wagon to appear. Either bake some cookies and bars or go to the bakery and buy enough for your new neighbors. Visit them to introduce yourself. Offer them half a dozen cookies. It doesn’t have to be a big intrusive visit, just stick your head in their doorway, offer them cookies and bars and introduce yourself. “Yeah,” you say, “we’re the new neighbors two doors down.” Your new neighbors will say, “the garage with the red car?” You’ll say, “Yeah! That’s us.” Your new neighbors may like you. They might take to you. They may even show up with their own welcome wagon cookies.

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