Moving with a White Glove: Local Movers in McDonough GA Move and Unpack

Moving is such a headache-inducing mess, it seems silly to not outsource the entire thing to someone else. Interestingly, many people relocating have a company move all the items they boxed up. They still have to pack them up and unpack them. The movers are only doing a third of the job.

Packing and unpacking is tiring and exhausting, and it does not have to be directly done by the one moving. It is a job that many people should be outsourcing and hiring for. The benefits are obvious, but there is a counter argument. Movers are worried that no one will treat their items as well as they do.

What is White Glove Moving?

White glove moving is a term used for Local Movers in McDonough GA. It means packing up a customer’s home items and unpacking them with a delicate touch. A white glove is used in a detective crime scene. It is the implication that nothing should be disturbed. The crime scene is as if no one came and messed with it. The reality is that they have studied every single square-inch of the crime scene, and took meticulous notes on it.

Careful and Delicate Moving, From Beginning to End

The same logic applies to white glove moving. Customers may worry that their items will be lost in the mix or broken. There is special training done in white glove moving. Firstly, Local Movers in McDonough GA will inspect the home before any packing has been done. They will review the difficulty of getting everything set-up and moved, and offer a quote based on those demands. There is no “one size fits all” white glove price because of all the varying ways homes and “stuff” is set-up.

White glove movers at Ready to Move LLC also keep up a very clean appearance. They will clean the area they leave behind, as well as clean up everything after it is placed into the new location. The result is a spectacular beginning to end move. Customers can place their time in other matters, opening the door for white glove movers to handle everything in the physical move.

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