NYC Sightseeing Bus Tours: An Experience of a Lifetime

A bus tour of New York is a favorite way to take in the city. Name one better way you could experience a sightseeing tour than while looking up at the skyscrapers and lights, listening to the sounds of people and technology, and personally feeling the New York breeze on your face and through your hair.  Can’t think of one?  We can’t either.

Determine Your Destinations
Sightseeing bus tours are designed around specific sights and attractions.  For instance, one may center on Times Square, another may highlight Manhattan and Central Park, and yet another may allow you to see a combination of sights plus entrance to a museum.  Tour businesses sometimes offer packages like the latter to optimize your experience with NYC.  They can also include helicopter rides, ferry rides, bike rides, and tours geared toward certain demographics like age, couple or families.  These packages can help you out while planning a family vacation, romantic getaway, road trip with friends, or even a school field trip.

The City of Opportunity
No matter the occasion, although, you will find something to enjoy in New York City.  This truly is the city of opportunity, and that holds true even for tourism.  There are opportunities to see sights and do activities that will make great memories and could change your life.  Sightseeing bus tours are so great for this because they are planned out so specifically to make sure you have time at each stop of the tour.  During most bus tours, you can get on and off at certain monuments and attractions to experience NYC’s most famous spots up close and personal.  This makes for great picture taking opportunities, so be sure to bring a camera, or at least your camera phone.  You can also be sure that you are able to get great upward angle photos from the bus of the incredible architecture of New York City.  Because of the busy streets of New York, you will have plenty of times where you are stopped.  So, even if you don’t have a camera that takes good motion photos, you will still get great photos.  And, of course, NYC is never camera shy.

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