Quick Tips to Make your New House a Home

by | Dec 17, 2014 | Transportation

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Moving Companies in Ottawa Ontario help families move into their new homes everyday. They know it can still be a chore to get your new house or apartment feeling like “home”. Here are some decorating tips to help you create the homey style and comfort you need to feel completely settled:

* Hang Pictures : Whether you are hanging the pictures from your old home or need new ones, hanging pictures is one of the fastest ways to add a homey feeling to a space. Take a look at your walls and see where old items will work well. Then take a look where you might need some additional art. You can then do a number of things to add to your wall art such as using photos in affordable frames, looking for mirrors or even look at interesting items such as a plate collection or interesting moulding you can paint and affix to areas above the couch, in halls or above your bed.

* Add Colour : Moving Services in Ottawa will be extra careful when moving your belongings as they know many people opt to paint their new homes prior to moving day. If you have chosen to paint prior to moving look for ways to add more colour using new drapes, throw cushions and accent pieces you can place on shelves and tables. If you did not paint, then do it as soon as possible to make your house feel like it is your own. Look to your sofa and bed linens for colour inspiration.

* Add Comfort : If you have hardwood floors in your new home you might need to purchase some area rugs. Area rugs add instant style to a room not to mention make it more comfortable under foot. There are many choices of area rugs but the most important rule is to choose the right size. In the living room the area rug should be tucked under furniture by at least a few inches. In the dining room the area rug should be far enough out so that the chair legs do not get hooked when you pull out your chair to sit or rise.

* Shower Curtain : Your bathroom can become instantly new and improved with the addition of a new shower curtain. You can then add further accents such as bath mats, towels and candles to make it a perfectly relaxing space.

Moving Services in Ottawa such as Gerry’s Moving can help with the hardest part of your move so you can focus on getting settled.

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