Tips on Packing Your Bedroom Successfully

by | Apr 2, 2012 | Transportation

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Because you continue to sleep in your bed, usually, up until the day of your move, the bedroom tends to be one of the very last rooms in the house that is packed before the arrival of the movers in Philadelphia. It’s important, however, to be prepared for packing your bedroom because most people accumulate a lot of stuff in the room they sleep in, most of which we tend to not think about, in closets and other cubbies and in furniture throughout the room. Here are some tips on efficiently packing up the bedroom.

1. Consider hiring your professional movers in Philadelphia to pack it. That may be an easy solution for many people, and if chosen, would make the rest of these tips irrelevant. If you choose to do it yourself, continue reading.
2. Throw stuff away. This is something that will be useful to you when you move, as well as something that your professional movers in Philadelphia cannot do. Most of us have old books and magazines we have already read or don’t need, old worn-out shoes, clothes we no longer wear (for men, those shirts with extra-large collars, and women, layered clothing from the 80s), and a whole slew of detritus we’ve accumulated and held onto even though we never use any of it and do not need it. Now is the chance to simplify, declutter, and save space. Throw away or donate to Goodwill or another charity what you no longer want or need.
3. See if you can purchase wardrobe boxes that have hanging bars across the top to easily pack the clothes you have hanging in your closet. Go through the clothes first (see tip 2), then simply hang the rest in the boxes. You will be less likely to wrinkle your clothes when movers in Philadelphia load the boxes on the truck.
4. Your movers in Philadelphia may prefer that you leave the drawers in your dressers and other bedroom furniture intact with the belongings within them. Don’t pack more stuff into them, making the furniture unnecessarily heavy, but make sure that they are secure with twine. Also, remove any valuables, such as jewelry or important paperwork.
5. Pack and label boxes carefully, according to which bedroom it comes from. Kids’ toys should be packed securely in boxes that will be labeled for the kids’ bedrooms. Your clock-radio, paintings, and vases, lamps, and other odds and ends should be packed and labeled accordingly. Shoes that still have their original boxes may be packed in them, or if not, may be placed in a dresser for safe transport by your movers in Philadelphia.

Movers Philadelphia – Movers in Philadelphia will be the first to tell you that clearing the excess and packing correctly can make a big difference on the day of your move. If you have more than you need, but aren’t quite ready to ship it off to your local charity, Superior Moving and Storage offers a convenient storage facility to complement our full-service moving company. To learn more, call Superior Moving and Storage today at , or visit our website.

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