Tips to Maintain Heavy Trucks and Minimize Repair Shop Visits

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, it’s important to consider exactly what type of routine maintenance is needed. This is essential no matter what size of vehicle you drive. A heavy truck, like any other vehicle is subject to various malfunctions, especially if it isn’t properly maintained. Some of the expense associated with Heavy Truck Repair can be excessive. Here are some tips that can help you minimize trips to the repair shop.


The braking system on a heavy truck is instrumental in safe operations. The brake system on a heavy truck can be susceptible to extensive problems if it isn’t properly maintained. Their weight load combined with a malfunctioning brake system can pose hazardous conditions during normal operations. Make sure you have the brakes inspected on a routine basis. If you notice any odd noises or other brake issues, it is essential to have it inspected for necessary repairs. The longer you delay, the more expensive the repairs can be.


Good shocks are important for making sure your drive is controlled. Bad shocks on a heavy truck will result in difficult handling during operations. If you suspect your truck has any issues with the shock absorbers, it’s best to have them inspected immediately. Any delay can result in additional repairs that otherwise may not have been necessary.
Oil and Filter

As you know, routine oil changes in any vehicle will protect your engine. It will also increase the lifespan. If you neglect routine oil changes, you are likely to have problems with your engine. It could even lead to a total engine replacement. That is a huge expense when it comes to Heavy Truck Repair.


The transmission on any vehicle is extremely important. Check and change the transmission fluid on a regular basis. This will help keep your transmission running smoothly.

Always be diligent when it comes to routine maintenance on your heavy truck. The repairs are costly and some of them can be avoided with regular maintenance. More information about heavy truck parts, maintenance and service can be obtained from Truck Parts and Equipment, Inc.

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