What Determines International Freight Forwarder Quotes

by | Jan 4, 2019 | Transportation and Logistics

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If you have decided to begin shipping your inventory overseas, you will probably need to hire an international freight forwarder to help the process run smoothly. These companies specialize in ensuring that your cargo reaches its intended destination without any issues whatsoever. When you first approach a freight shipment companies, you will be given a quote based on your current needs. Before asking for this quote, however, you should be aware of how it is generated, so that you can attempt to keep your costs as low as possible.

Of course, the main aspect that is going to cost you money is the size of the cargo. You cannot expect to ship a vehicle for the same price that it would cost to send a plant, so you will pay based on size. The size of the object includes its dimensions and its weight, so if you can cut some weight from your shipment, it is sure to save you some money. The actual amount that you will pay for size comes down to your selected international freight forwarder. Hawaii has a number of different options available, so shop accordingly. Click here to know more.

If you are sending something that is highly breakable, you can expect to pay an additional fee. This is because additional care must be taken when dealing with this object and this additional care usually requires a human presence. The better you package your freight, the less chance there is of breakage and, therefore, the less you can expect to pay for shipping. Keep in mind, however, that sometimes this packaging is heavy, which will add to your quote as well.

Mode of Delivery
The method of transportation that you choose will have a major influence on your final quote. For obvious reasons, ground transportation is the most economical. Unfortunately, it is not available for shipping to most areas of the world, so you will have to choose another option. Sea transport is probably the most common because it allows you to ship large quantities at once and it is relatively inexpensive. The main drawback is the amount of time that it takes. Air transport is the most expensive, but is also the fastest. It really only pays to use air transport if your goods must be delivered in a hurry.

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