3 Things to Remember When You Hire Movers

by | Jul 20, 2018 | Movers, Moving, Moving and Relocating, Moving and Storage Service, Moving Services, Storage, Storage & Logistics

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Hiring pros make moving day easy. But don’t hire just about any firm you find. When you scout around for moving companies in Plainfield IL, here are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind.

Do your homework

Start by making a list of all the moving companies in Plainfield IL near you. Hiring locally is one way to avoid scams from dodgy movers. The longer the firm has been around, the better. A firm that has been in the area for decades and has an excellent reputation in your community along with a wonderful record for outstanding services is a trustworthy option to go for.

Ask about the rates

First, ask how much the service will cost you. Then consider all the extras. For instance, do you have two or three floors in your old or new home? If the movers need to use stairs and elevators, then that’s going to cost you extra. Expect to shell out a bit more, too, if the property is quite a bit of distance from the curb, which means they’ll need to carry your furniture all the way from the truck to your front door. If that’s quite a distance, then you’ll need to set aside more for your moving budget.

Pay extra

Paying for packing and unpacking services can up your costs by a lot. But it’s well worth it, the CNBC says. Relocating to a new home can be stressful, even with all the planning and coordination you took. That’s why having someone else pack and unpack your belongings saves you a lot of time and effort. That’s something you’ll be grateful for when you’re tired of staying on top of things, and all you want to do is sleep in for your first night in your new bed.

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