Australians Now Maintaining US Addresses to Ship from US to Australia Cheaper

by | Sep 11, 2012 | Transportation

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With the addition of new US mail forwarding services, more people than ever are finding that it is easier to connect with others in countries around the world. In fact, many Australian citizens are taking advantage of these mail forwarding services, and actually maintaining an address in the United States to make it easier to ship from US to Australia. There is actually no need to buy property in the United States in order to have your own address in this country, Australian citizens simply need to sign up for an address through a professional mail forwarding company in order to get started.

Although many in Australia are making use of this trend and turning to these professional forwarding services, there are others who are unaware of the benefits associated with maintaining a US address. While different Australian citizens may turn to these services for different personal reasons, there are three primary ways in which Australians are maintaining a United States address simply for mailing and shipping reasons.

Expands Global Reach For Businesses

With many businesses looking to maintain a stronger international presence, it can be difficult for smaller companies to get the type of global reach they need to really make an impact. However, with their own US address, Australian based companies can start developing a presence in the United States while still operating out of their home country of Australia. This can all be done as they save on mailing costs to and from the US without needing to invest in a United States property.

Savings for Online Shoppers

Many Australian based online consumers who look to US based retail stores when shopping, will find that paying to have their favorite items shipped from the United States can cost an arm and a leg. With a US address these shoppers can have their items shipped to their new address in the United States. From there the parcel forwarding company can step and can ship from US to Australia for a fraction of the cost; saving the consumer a great deal of money as they shop.

Staying in Contact With Loved Ones Overseas

When you have a loved one who is overseas, whether its for personal or professional reasons, staying in close contact with this individual can often be difficult. However, if you are looking to get personal packages, mail or other items from the United States to Australia or vice-a-versa, then you will find that having a valid US street address is the easiest way to make this happen. With a valid US address your loved ones in the United States can send packages through the parcel forwarding company and get you items from home in a much easier and cost effective manner, while avoiding high international shipping costs.

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