Corporate Charter Jet Services FAQs

by | Apr 27, 2013 | Aviation‎, Transportation

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Who Can Hire Corporate Charter Jet Services?

Anyone can hire corporate charter jet services, as long as you can pay the bill. There are no background checks or pay stubs required to book a corporate charter jet. Most of the time, clients who regularly work with the charter company will get priority for dates and requests, but for the most part, anyone can hire a corporate charter jet service to tow them around in style.
Why Should We Hire Corporate Charter Jet Services?

Corporate charter jet services are a key way to impress your guests, whether they’re potential clients or a partner. You will love making people feel special as they go up and away in a private jet that makes them feel like a million bucks. No matter how often this person has been on a chartered jet, it’s a feeling that never gets old. You can take people to see properties in record time when hiring a charter jet service, so you may end up saving money if the deal brokers enough funds to cover the cost of the jet. You will see how easy it is to talk to people when they feel relaxed and special because they’re flying high in style.

Are There Discounts For Corporate Charter Jet Services?

The way to get the best rate for a corporate charter jet service is to buy a package or bundle deal. This means you have access to the plane multiple times over the course of the year. These plane rides are available when you book them in advance. Select elite packages will allow you to essentially have the plane on-call at any moment, giving you access to a charter jet whenever you need it. It’s important to note that these bundle packages can offer a substantial savings versus booking individual flights. If you know your company will use the plane more than once a year, it is worth inquiring with a representative about bundle packages that are a smarter economical choice.

Booking a corporate jet gives you the confidence you need to broker the deal and make things happen. Your confidence will be flying high when you invite a potential client or partner onto a private jet because it’s a special experience that even the most elite are impressed by. Make an experience with your company exceptional by booking a corporate charter jet.

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