What Does a Fine Art Installation Company Offer?

by | Nov 21, 2017 | Moving Services

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What exactly is a fine art installation service? Something like a statue being installed is rather intuitive, but how can you install a painting? Isn’t it just hanging a picture? As it turns out, no. There is a great deal more to a fine art installation service that they provide. In fact, if you’re dealing with any sort of expensive fine art, whether it is painting, sculpture, or something more abstract, it is imperative that you secure fine art installation services, or you could be sorry. But what exactly does such a service offer?

Careful Shipping

Before you can ever get your fine art in the garden or on the wall, it needs to be shipped to you. Unfortunately, this is the part of the process where most artwork is damaged. But a fine art installation company’s job doesn’t start when it arrives at your home. They will deal with the packaging, with the shipping, and when it arrives in Los Angeles, the fine art installation service will bring it to your door, and make sure that it’s safe at every step along the way.

Handling Expertise

Artwork can’t be handled in the same way as regular old furniture. Paintings can be damaged if handled in certain ways, as can sculptures. An experienced art mover will be trained in professional handling of all sorts of styles of art, and they will make sure that your piece is handled properly throughout shipping and installation.

Installing Experience

When it comes to actually putting up the artwork, experience matters. They will take into account exactly what you want, and utilize their own experience to make it happen. An off-center painting or a tilted sculpture can kill the entire effect, so anyone who installs fine art will have the tools and the know-how to make sure it looks exactly how you want it to.


Your installers will always use the most care possible, but sometimes, accidents are avoidable. Therefore, a fine art installation company will provide insurance, to make sure that even if something does happen to your precious artwork, the hit doesn’t fall on you. Without such a service, tearing a Picasso while hanging it on the wall would be simply tragic.

With so many elements offered by fine art installers, it couldn’t be more important to hire one if you need to install a really rare or expensive piece of art. For more information visit Art Pack.

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