Questions To Ask Before Hiring Local Movers

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Moving Services

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Finding local movers is always a challenge, and understanding what to ask a moving company can be nerve-wracking. Asking the right questions may be the difference between a smooth transition and a tragic experience. Understand what to ask to find the right movers every single time, and everything, from storage to the actual move, will be as stress-free as possible.

1. Are you insured?

This should always be the first question asked of any potential local mover. Even if the move is only across town, an insured company is an absolute must. Review what will happen if an item gets broken, if the moving truck gets in an accident, if there is a fire at the storage facility, and if any personal items are lost during the move. This information will be essential for the well-being and security of every item placed into the company’s storage facilities or trucks. Make sure the company will hold themselves responsible for unforeseen incidences, and not the homeowner or person moving and storing items.

2. What equipment will you provide?

Take a look at that beautiful, full wall mirror in the hallway. Will the moving company have the proper equipment to move it with minimal to no damage? It’s important to make sure the moving company provides all the necessary equipment, such as hand carts, boxes, wrapping materials, packing materials, and safety equipment for the movers. Covering all the bases protects the family, the employees, and both the homeowner’s and company’s insurance policies. Homeowners want the movers to be as safe and careful as possible, and this means bringing all the right equipment to get the job done properly.

3. How are the fees charged?

This is important to avoid surprises. Most moving companies charge per hour, and many will require a minimum payment. The standard minimum payment may be four hours, but this varies by company, which makes this question essential. However, some moving companies begin charging as soon as the truck leaves the facility, so making sure the company starts the clock at the house is important. Most moving companies like Kuiper Brothers Self Storage & Moving don’t overcharge on purpose; their charging policies should be communicated clearly.

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