Tips for Kid-Friendly Moving & Storage in Austin Texas

by | Aug 2, 2018 | Movers

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Nothing will cause a meltdown faster than telling the kids that the family is moving to another city. Kids gain a sense of stability and comfort in familiar surroundings, but if parents decide to relocate, they’re going to have to tell the kids eventually. Below are a few tips to help make the process as graceful as possible.

Tell Them Why the Family is Moving

While parents may believe they’re protecting their kids by hiding the reason they’re moving, kids are smart and they’ll eventually figure it out. It’s easier and better for everyone if there’s a plan in place and an explanation for the move. Kids come up with some interesting questions, and they’re likely to worry. Ease those worries with age-appropriate honesty and a touch of tenderness.

Don’t Try to Do it All

No parent wants to wrangle the kids while they’re trying to load the moving van. No matter how helpful the kids may be, everything will be easier if the parents can just focus on making the transition as smooth as possible. Leave all the heavy lifting to a company that handles Moving & Storage in Austin Texas and concentrate on the family.

Don’t Leave the Kids Out of the Planning Process

While it’s best for kids to mostly stay out of the packing area, they can help pack up their stuff. It will comfort them to know all their favourite things are packed in boxes that they labelled and that they’ll still be sleeping in the same bed. When the family arrives at their new home, the kids can help set up their rooms and put away their toys. If they feel like they have a role in the move, they’re more likely to be helpful.

Don’t Travel Unprepared

Most parents already know that road trips require a load of kid-friendly goodies, and moving is no exception. Be sure to pack snacks, a few favorite toys or electronics, and comfort items for children of napping age. Moves are stressful moments, and having a few fun things at hand will help everyone relax on the big day. For help with Moving & Storage in Austin Texas, call us or visit us at us today. You can follow them on Pinterest.

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