Transportation Considerations for Rigging in San Antonio

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Moving Services

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Shipping of heavy equipment requires the careful choice of appropriate method of transportation and preparation. Though towing of machinery is sometimes proper, hauling by flatbed truck is the most common method used in moving heavy equipment.

Flatbeds allow for much flexibility as loads up to 48,000 pounds can be hauled and the equipment can usually be offloaded rather easily as well. Because of the size of this equipment, whether hauling industrial or farm machinery, it is essential that it be secured to the flatbed safely when Rigging in San Antonio. Does the equipment being transported need to be protected in a special manner during transportation? Does fuel or oil need to be drained prior to shipping? How about restraining of parts that are on hinges that are apt to swing upon movement? Equipment manuals should be consulted to answer these questions as machinery protection and public safety are essential.

Another aspect of preparation is to assure that an equipment operator is on site when the machinery is loaded on to the flatbed trailer. Companies doing the transporting do not always have personnel available for the purpose of driving or loading the equipment on to the trailer where it is to be secured, and it is the responsibility of the company requesting the equipment to be moved to arrange for its being loaded for hauling.

Once the equipment reaches its destination it must be unloaded so those personnel arrangements are required. There are occasions when a crane or special ramps may be needed for loading or unloading, so those requirements must be assessed.

Also when Rigging in San Antonio, the equipment being transported needs to be properly insured. It is essential the company whose equipment is being transported is noted as being a certificate holder or as additionally insured on the policy. And of course, the value of the machinery must be accurately known in order for the appropriate amount of insurance to be issued. The federal government requires a minimum of $100,000 in cargo insurance be carried by companies transporting heavy equipment, but more may be required so be sure to check with the transporting company as to the limits of its insurance.

Finally, make sure that any permits required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration are obtained.

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