What are Some of the Benefits Associated with Portable Self Storage?

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Moving Services

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There is more than one option for storage these days. Depending on the needs of the client, opting for some type of Portable Self Storage is the way to go. Here are a few examples of situations that call for this kind of solution.

Renovating a Home

When one or two rooms are being renovated, there is always the option of cramming all the furniture into other rooms. While this approach does not involve any type of expense, it does make it hard to move around in those other rooms. A better approach is to think about Portable Self Storage that can be set up on the property for a short period of time. Doing so means all the furniture will have a place to be stored while the work is underway. In the interim, all the other rooms in the house will still be in order and functional.

Staging a Home

The plan is to sell the house, and the real estate agent has suggested staging would help. In order to properly stage the house, the clutter has to go. Choosing to go with a portable storage solution makes it easy to pack boxes, label them properly, and then place them into the storage unit. What is left in the home will be just enough to suggest a use for each room and allow prospective buyers to see the features of each area with ease. Once the home is sold and the time comes to vacate the premises, it will be easy to move the storage unit to the new place and unload the contents.

A Cost Effective Approach

When the need for any type of short-term storage arises, there is the option of renting a unit at a local storage facility. Along with having to load up the car and haul everything to the facility, there is the matter of going back to retrieve everything when the time comes. The cost associated with renting portable storage is competitive with the rates that apply to many of those permanent facilities. With that in mind, it makes sense to have a unit delivered, keep it for as long as needed, and then arrange to have it picked up.

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