Ask these Important Questions when Hiring a Moving Company

Moving is a very stressful time for any family, but hiring a moving company in Ottawa can make it a lot easier for everyone involved. However, with so many choices how do you know you are getting an honest and reputable company that will take care of all of your keepsakes and furniture? By keeping a few important questions in mind, you can get a better feel for the company and how they do business which can prevent many headaches for you and your family later on.

Getting the Best Value for your Money

Whether you are moving long distance or just down the road hiring a moving company in Ottawa can help give you more time to focus on your family or career during a move. This is also a great option for families that simply don’t have time, or individuals that may have disabilities. Don’t be afraid to ask the following questions to be sure you are hiring a legitimate and reliable mover.

* Ask about licensing, insurance, and liabilities. Accidents do happen and if your belongings are damaged while in their possession how will it be handled?

* Ask about rates and fees. Nothing is more frustrating than ending up with a bill that has hidden charges and unexpected fees added on. Be sure you are given a reliable quote in advance.

* Are there packing services? Some companies such as Gerry’s Moving may offer a complete line of services including packing, antique handling, unpacking and more. Be sure you know in advance if the company will pack or you will have to do it.

* Can you view references? Reputable companies are more than happy to share references of past clients. If they are unwilling to provide any you should consider this a red flag.

Getting Everything All Wrapped Up

You have found your new home, hired the moving services of Gerry’s Moving, and now you are saying goodbye to your old neighborhood. This can be a very sad time for many people. Before you completely leave, consider these last tips for bringing closure to your family. Take a picture of your family in front of your old house, or get photos of various local spots that you once enjoyed. If possible attempt to return to your neighborhood on occasion just to see how much has changed over time. You may find that this reconnection to memories makes settling in to your new home easier and more enjoyable.

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