Boat Motor Mistakes You Wouldn’t Want to Make

by | Dec 11, 2018 | Boat

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Make your boat’s engine last longer. Here are common mistakes boat owners make that you’ll want to avoid.

Ignoring the signs

Your engine isn’t going to conk out on you out of the blue. If you don’t want to find yourself stranded out on the water, always pay attention to the signs that your engine might be in trouble. Do you hear grinding or grating metal? That could mean that your water pump bearing is already compromised, Boating says. If you hear that, get your boat serviced by pros right away.

Wrong installation

Make sure you’re installing your thermostat right. If you make a mistake and the heat-sensing part turns up on the wrong side, then you’ll end up with a faulty engine. If the thermostat can’t warn you or tell you when the engine overheats, then that’s a huge problem. Keep that from happening by installing the thermostat properly right from the get-go.

Rebuilding with cheap parts

When you buy a used or pre-owned boat, you have two choices: you can either swap the engine for a new one or rebuild it. Rebuilding it can save you on costs. But make sure you shop around for top-grade parts and components for boat motors in Buford GA. If you use shoddy and poorly-made components, you could end up with a problematic engine.

Not buying a new one

Assess the extent of the repairs needed for your engine. If the cost of the repairs go beyond half of what it would take for you to buy a new engine, then go for the new engine. Paying for repairs is just a stop-gap measure. If you want better safety when you’re boating, then shop around for new boat motors in Buford GA. Check out reputable and trustworthy dealers in the area to get started.

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