Cube Rental Trucks in Brooklyn Make Moving Easier

While a cube rental truck is often used by businesses for transporting equipment, it can also be used by people who wish to move belongings from a small home or apartment to a new residence. You do not need to have a commercial driver’s license to drive the truck. Therefore, the vehicle offers a convenient way to make moving more affordable and easy.

Ramp Trucks Are More Affordable

Besides cube rental trucks in Brooklyn, you can also choose a 14-foot ramp truck with an optional lift gate. Like a 14-foot cube truck, this truck can handle a freight capacity of 3,000 pounds and has a lift capacity of 1,600 pounds. This truck is normally less expensive to rent than a cube truck. Therefore, if you want a more affordable option, this is the truck to pick.

Some of the Amenities

Usually, cube rental trucks and ramp trucks are Ford models, and both feature amenities such as automatic transmissions, air conditioning, and dual bucket seats. Both trucks also come with tie-downs and powering steering.

Easy to Navigate

You do not have to worry about navigating cube rental trucks or ramp trucks as both feature automatic transmissions. Therefore, you do not have to concern yourself with shifting gears. Even if you have not driven a 14-foot truck before, you will find that you can easily become acclimated to the process. In fact, it is easier to drive this type of truck than it is to drive a car with a manual transmission.

Call the Company for a Free Estimate

As a result, driving ramp trucks or cube rental trucks to transport furniture or equipment can be done without too much difficulty. To find out more about renting a truck, go online to the rental site and view the featured trucks. When you get an idea of the type of truck you want to rent, call the company.

In fact, you can obtain a FREE over-the-phone estimate so you will know just about how much money you will spend. You can rent the trucks by the day, by the week, or monthly. You are assessed extra for gas if you go over the daily mileage allowance. Drivers must pay the tax that is added to the rental expense as well.

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