How to Prepare for Residential Packing Services in Boston, MA

Moving to a new home is a major undertaking. It consumes most of a person’s time and can be physically draining. Getting help with this process makes it a little easier to get everything done on time. Residential packing services in Boston MA provide assistance in managing the most time-consuming aspect of a move. However, there are still some things homeowners should do in preparation for the packers’ arrival. This can ensure the process goes smoothly.


In the weeks leading up to the move date, it is a good idea for homeowners to begin sorting their things. There are many things throughout a person’s home that serve no purpose. Having a yard sale or advertising on local sales websites allows homeowners to make a little cash while disposing of the items they do not need. The rest of these items should be donated or thrown in the trash. This can help reduce the number of belongings being moved as well as limit the amount of clutter in the new house.

Clean and Organize

Residential packing services in Boston MA are a useful tool for homeowners to get their household items packed quickly and efficiently. However, these packers are not house cleaners. It is important that homeowners have all of their dishes, clothes, and other items cleaned and organized to make packing those items easier. It is also a good idea to have all the items being labeled as a for a specific room to be in that room. This helps to minimize things being mislabeled or misplaced during the move.

Pack Your Personal Items

Before the packers arrive, homeowners should prepare a box of items the family will need during the moving trip. This can include a change of clothes, snacks, and any other important items needed for an overnight stay. There should also be a box of cleaning supplies packed on the truck last to ensure they are available upon arrival at the new place. There are also specific items the packing team will not pack, such as flammable and perishable items. These must be dealt with by the homeowner.

The Bunker Hill Moving Company’s packing team is trained and experienced in providing efficient and courteous packing services. The team will only use high-quality packing materials to ensure everything is safe and secure for the move.

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