The Benefits Of Hiring Movers For Home Renovation Storage In Durham

by | Mar 3, 2015 | Moving

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As a homeowner upgrading and renovating is a great way to give an older home a completely new look. However, unlike with new construction, home renovation projects have to contend with rooms full of furniture, full closets and storage areas full to overflowing with seasonal items. Using outside storage in Durham is a great option to get rid of the contents of your home during the renovation process.

Choosing a facility to handle storage in Durham is limited to two options. One is to use a self-store type of unit which is not usually monitored and may or may not be secure. These units may be difficult to find, and many facilities have long waiting lists as the compartments or vaults are often used for long-term and year round seasonal storage.

The Mover Advantage

The other option is to hire a company providing moving and storage in Durham. This is an ideal option for many different reasons. Just a few to consider include:

* Professional packing and moving to limit the risk of any damage

* Safe and secure facilities maintained to moving company standards for insurance purposes

* Optional insurance for protection of your items during storage and moving

* No need to take time to pack, transport, unload and store items

* Easy retrieval of items

In addition, you can schedule the movers to arrive to pack and transport your items to storage in Durham at your convenience.

Just Remove the Necessities

When you use top quality storage in Durham, you can remove what you need to have out of the home during the renovation process. This can include valuable items, personal or business records, documents or even oversized or large furniture items. You don’t have to remove everything; rather you can pick and choose what should go into storage and what can stay in the home during the renovations.

Short Term Means Low Cost

By knowing about how long you will need this type of short term storage in Durham you can also budget more effectively for your renovation project. Many of the top facilities offer short and long term storage options and extending the time required just takes as simple phone call.

Look for storage in Durham to be secure, protected by fire suppression systems and security systems and monitored with closed-circuit camera technology. Just check with the top moving company in town as they will have the top secure storage for your items.

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