Tips For Comparing Moving Companies In Westchester IL

by | Dec 22, 2021 | Moving, Transportation and Logistics

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There are always additional factors and issues to consider when moving out of the United States. If your employer is handling the move for you with their corporate moving company, you have little to worry about or do. However, comparing moving companies if you are booking your move out of Westchester IL to another country will require some research.

There are two different types of moves to consider. Once is a move to areas such as Canada or South America where your shipment will travel by truck, and the other is shipment by cargo container where your items will be shipped by boat or, less commonly, by plane.

The second option requires even more attention to detail by moving companies since it takes the coordination of overseas agents, ideally from the same company or an already vetted affiliate, to ensure that your shipment arrives at your new home just when and as expected.

Company Years of Moving Services

In Westchester IL or anywhere else in the country, it is critical to compare the actual years of experience with moving companies. There is a lot of difference between a company that has been operating for a few years and one that has been providing moving services for a few decades.

The difference will show in the number of locations the company has moved to, their ability to know what to do with the move, and their familiarity with shipping into countries that may have very different laws and procedures than are typically in the North or South American moves.

Dedicated Coordinators

The top moving companies will always provide a moving coordinator to oversee your move. This professional will make sure all the required documentation is in place and that you know what will happen at each step in the journey of your shipment.

While most companies will provide a tracking option that allows you to check online to find the location of your shipment, the personal coordinator is a live human you can talk to, ask questions of and find out information from.

When comparing different moving companies in Westchester IL, you will also want to consider issues such as price, shipping time, the cost of additional services and even the cost of additional insurance for full coverage of your possessions.

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