Getting The Best Value From Moving Companies In Charlotte

by | Jul 3, 2015 | Moving Services

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There are two different aspects in hiring any of the moving companies in Charlotte. One is the cost of the service, and the other is the value. These two distinct terms, while they may seem similar, are very different aspects of any move.

The Cost

The cost factor is the easiest to work with if you are using professional moving companies in Charlotte. These companies will provide you with a written binding estimate or a not to exceed estimate that will lock in your rate. This will be based on the amount of the items involved in the move, the distance, and other factors. The estimate should be established well before the day of your move.

Be very careful about a company who wants to charge by the hour or provides an estimate or a quote that does not include specific information and details.Everything including the various services you may have requested over and above basic moving services should be on the estimate.

Value in Moving Companies in Charlotte

From your first interaction with moving companies in Charlotte, you will get a sense of the value of working with the company. Top professionals available by phone or through email and chat systems on the site can provide you with both informations about the services offered as well as help with your move.

Some, but not all of the moving companies offering local and long distance moving options provide all their customers with information and tips on how to make their move as efficient as possible.

These companies can also offer value added services such as arranging for temporary living options when needed, help with mortgage and closing problems and even provide short and long term storage when needed.

Most of the top moving companies in Charlotte can also assist with automobile transportation, which can be a definite value-added service. This saves the family from having to drive in more than one vehicle or to try to find someone to trust with moving their second car to their new location. Instead, the moving company will provide a fully licensed, mature and safe driver to transport your vehicle from its current location to your new home.

Finding moving companies in Charlotte with a focus on value-added services for your move is important. Not only will you have the benefit of using one company for all your moving needs but you also have one point of contact for all your moving questions, making your life a lot easier.

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