Hauling Heavy Equipment: 4 Essential Things to Know

by | Feb 8, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

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Need heavy equipment for a project? Whether you need it for a construction job or you’re moving addresses and you need an equipment to transport all your all things from one site to another, one thing’s for sure: you need to know how to move all that heavy equipment in the safest way possible. If that’s beyond your ken, hiring a transportation company that knows about safe heavy equipment transport is the best solution.

On that note, here’s some useful information from ConstructionEquipment on what you need to watch out for:

  1. Not following safety guidelines. If you’re hiring a transportation company, this is one of the things you must be absolutely strict on. Does the company follow rules and regulations, along with safety guidelines on the proper handling and transport of heavy machine?
  1. Training. A key factor in the safe hauling of heavy machines or equipment is the skill of the driver. And that skill is a product of experience and constant training. So ask the company about its driver training programs. Are those programs up to date? Is the driver you’re getting for the transport similarly trained? This is one way for you to know about the driving proficiency of the staff that you’ll be trusting with the move. Make sure you ask about this.
  1. Equipment Management. Do the staff from the transport company competently and confidently manage the equipment? Do they have the proper training and, in case of trucks, have the license to drive it? You’ll need to know as well. If everything seems to be in order, then good. That’s another thing you can cross off your checklist.
  1. Load Securement Training. Are the staff involved in the moving and securement of the equipment trained in how to make that process as safe and secure as possible? You can pretty much tell if the people know what they’re doing or if they’re simply finding their way around. If you see signs of the latter, you’ll need to call the transport company up and discuss the matter. Hopefully, that means they’ll be sending over someone else who’s more qualified and experienced. If not, it’ll be better for you to take your business elsewhere.

There you have it, four essential things you’ll need to check out before you hire a transport company for the job. For more information on safe heavy equipment transport in Miami, visit 1A.

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