Rules To Waiting For Light Duty Towing

by | Aug 20, 2015 | Towing & Recovery

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There are several reasons that a person might need LIGHT DUTY TOWING. A driver can strike a pothole or debris that could cause a tire to a blow out, a car accident could happen, or there could be a mechanical problem with the car. Whatever the reason for needing a tow, drivers need to know what they should and should not do while waiting for tow trucks to arrive. While waiting for a tow truck, keeping safety in mind is a must. This means paying attention to one’s surroundings.

When a person needs LIGHT DUTY TOWING, it’s best to move the vehicle far away from traffic if it’s at all possible. This is especially important if the person doesn’t have flares or if the vehicle won’t run because of a dead battery. When the battery is dead, the hazard lights can’t be activated. If the person is strong enough, pushing the car out of the road is an option if the car won’t otherwise move. Once the vehicle is in the position it needs to be in, any important belongings need to be gathered.

If the breakdown is in an isolated area, it’s best to stay in the vehicle with the doors locked. Breakdowns that occur in the middle of crowded areas are less dangerous on the personal level. Criminals are less likely to try anything when witnesses are around. When in an isolated area, talking on the phone should be kept to a minimum. The last thing a person wants is for the phone to lose power. What if the tow truck driver gets lost and can’t find the car? Another call will have to be made. Also, if a person is talking on the phone, he/she may not be paying enough attention to what is going on in the background.

People shouldn’t wait until they are in tow trucks to start making calls to repair shops. If it is after hours, vehicles can still be dropped off in the parking lots of repair shops. Some places even have key drops so they can check on cars from after hours as soon as workers get started in the morning.

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