The Transportation in Minneapolis is a Dream Come True

Do you live in any large city? New York? Chicago? Los Angeles? Miami? Washington? Minneapolis? If you happen to live in Minneapolis you have a new transportation system that will put your mind at ease. You will no longer have to stand out on the street corner trying to flag down a cab. Remember the days you have done that when it was snowing and the wind was blowing, and you did not have boots or a hat. You waited a good ten minutes to get that cab. Then the cab driver drove with one foot on the gas, one hand on the horn, and you prayed that you would make it to your destination.

No more! Transportation in Minneapolis has been upgraded as our technologies have been modernized and has our abilities to communicate. Imagine that you are ready to leave from work and head uptown. There really are not many cabs visible in your part of town, but your car is in the shop, and a cab is the only way home. Pick up your I Phone and tap your app for cabs, and they will be able to dispatch a cab to your location within minutes. They will tell you what the number of the cab will be, even the name of the driver if you want to check his/her id. They will let you know how long your wait will be, so that you can wait inside or somewhere safely under cover until your cab arrives. They will tell you on your I Phone that your cab is there and you can safely walk to the cab.

iHail is one of the companies operating this new system, making it safe for their customers and safe for their drivers. Every one can be in communication with everyone else. For example, as soon as you get out of your cab, you realize you left a file on the seat that you needed for the next day. Just place a call to the dispatcher, who will notify the driver, who will turn around right away and get your file to you. You will no longer need to feel unsafe transporting a child, the driver will use every precaution to ensure the safety of all passengers, especially children. Relax, enjoy this safe wave of the future. Soon it will be everywhere.


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