4 Simple Packing Tips From Long Distance Movers In Knoxville

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Movers

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The more times you move, the easier the process gets, but typically the more items you end up taking with you. This is why long distance moving in Knoxville provide their clients with a wealth of information on packing and organizing for the move.

These tips from long distance movers in Knoxville are the same tip and techniques used by their professional packing crews. These have stood the test of time and travel and have been created by the experience of hundreds of moves and millions of miles over all types of roads across the country.

Never Over Fill Boxes

Packing a lot of objects into a box, especially if they are heavy or breakable, is always a problem. The issue is twofold as the pressure of the items against each other, and the box can easily cause damage. Second, the ride in the back of a truck is always much rougher than in a car.

The items in the box will move slightly and, if they are tightly packed together, the vibration will cause rubbing and damage. This is particularly problematic for long distance movers in Knoxville and why boxes should never be stuffed.

Always use Packing Materials Generously

There are lots of ways to save money when you use long distance movers in Knoxville, but skimping on the packing materials is never a good option. If you can, use specialty boxes provided by the moving company for items such as dishes, glasses, and electronics.

Use packing tissue, “peanuts” and other packing materials generously. If you aren’t sure of how to pack these items yourself hire professional packers from the moving company or watch some online videos to learn the best techniques.

Pack Like Items Together

The more you can pack similar items together, the less chance there is of damage. This includes not mixing heavy and light items in the same box or forgetting to keep the big items to the bottom.

Check Prohibited Items Lists

Make sure you review the lists provided by long distance movers in Knoxville with regards to items not to pack. Failing to follow these prohibitive packing instructions and putting items into the boxes can result in voiding your insurance and limiting any claims you may have to damages, should any occur.

By following a few simple tips from long distance movers in Knoxville, you can help to protect your valuable possessions. Take some time and review the helpful information on the company website for even more ideas to consider.

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