Pet Safety Tips for Long Distance Movers in Huntsville

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Although parents can physically and mentally prepare their children for long distance moves, but the same cannot be done with the pets. Pets go wild when they sense unusual happenings in their surroundings. For their safety, the long distance movers in Huntsville need to carefully follow the given tips.

Decide Its Transport Equipment

Transporting the pet with furniture and other items is definitely a bad idea. The best options to transport the pet are either to take it in cage via road or to take it to new home by air. If you are traveling to new home in a car, then take the pet in a fairly spacious cage with you. Try to make the pet familiar with cage a few days before the move. If you are traveling by air, then you have two options; smaller pets can be taken on passenger seats, but bigger pets are taken via air freight.


Up-to-date vaccination is essential to ensure pet’s safety. Long distance movers in Huntsville must also keep the pet vaccine certificates so that the pet not only travels safely but also adapts to new environment and weather easily. If needed, take the pet to veteran for thorough checkup.

Pack Pet’s Handy Bag

If the pet is traveling with you, then it is necessary that you keep its essential items in your handy bag. These include powdered milk, water for making milk, dog biscuits, warm piece of cloth and diapers. Also take paper towels, brush, a sedative (in case it gets haywire or very restless), litter box and some of its favorite toys. Don’t forget to feed the pet before leaving for new home.


No matter if the pet is traveling with you or not, collar or any other identification item is must-have. If the pet is traveling by air-freight, the identification item will definitely come in handy. Pets also love to run away in new environment probably due to anxiety. When you reach the new home, make sure that it does not run away or go out of the home. If, in any case, it escapes from the home, the identification items will make it easier for those who find your pet to get it back to you.


Some pets are not habitual of traveling in cars. The long distance movers in Huntsville must take the pet on short drives for controlling its anxiety. If you suddenly take the pet on long drive, it may become desperate, anxious, or feared and try to run away from the car.

Find Pet-Friendly Areas Near New Home

Most of the new homes have smell of paint. Take an air-freshener that you use at home to make the indoor atmosphere smell of the old home. If the pet is still uncomfortable, then take it to nearby pet-friendly areas or playhouses. It will soon start admiring the new home and get used to it.

Moving with pets should not be as scary as it sounds to be. A little preparation in advance can ease the move for you and your furry friend.

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