Moving To A New City? Hire An Interstate Removalist

by | Nov 19, 2014 | Moving Services

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If you have gone through the process of putting the home up for sale, browsing the property market, putting an offer down and getting your offer accepted, you will likely be eager to pack up your things and move into the new home. Before you can do this, there are a few things you ought to tick off the moving house checklist. Aside from exploring the transport options, finding work and changing address details, you will need to hire an interstate removalist. A removalist of this kind will operate from city to city, so you can relax in the knowledge that your belongings are being transported with the utmost care.

Finding a Removalist

Don’t rush when finding a removalist who works in the city, because there are many things to take into account at this stage. First of all, you need to locate a company that operates in your area, before asking for a detailed, written quotation. Next, use the Internet to read reviews and get in touch with the interstate removalist to find out what is included in the price, such as packaging. Decide on the services that you need and ask the removalist if discounts are available for multiple trips.

Insurance Cover

The person you hire for assistance with the big move should maintain plenty of knowledge regarding insurance. Insuring the contents of your home is vital, because not only will it protect you financially if something goes wrong during the process but also, it will cover you in the event of a predicament once you’ve actually moved in. When looking for insurance coverage make sure you declare the value of the items. Don’t forget to read the small print, because this will detail the items that are not covered.

Comparing Quotes

For many people, the most important thing is the price. Although it is a good idea to locate an interstate removalist that can provide services within your budget, you should remember that the price isn’t everything. A low price can reflect poor service and if you don’t have insurance cover, find out if this is included in the quote. While some removalists will work on an hourly basis, others will charge a half-hourly rate, so think about this when comparing estimates.

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