What Does it Mean to Have a Door to Door Air Freight Service?

by | Nov 21, 2014 | Transportation

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Most people don’t pay attention to attention-grabbing words such as air freight and door to door, but this type of service is needed by many people who ship items by air using a courier. If you are one such a person, pay close attention to the words used to describe the service you need, such as door to door and air freight.

Door to Door Meaning

When a courier offers door to door services, this means that someone from the courier will go to your door to pick up the items you need to be shipped. Whether you have them already packaged up or want the courier to pack the items and seal the box is up to you.

However, that is just one part of the “door-to-door” meaning. The second part is that the courier company will ship your items as you have specified and will deliver the package to the door of the recipient, as well.

Shipping Internationally

One way that international couriers can be different from post offices is by using the door-to-door phrase. While the meaning is clear, most people don’t realize that the price for the service includes everything from customs documentation, import documentation, shipping, handling and everything else required. While you will still need to pay extra to have the item packed properly, you are not required to allow the courier service to provide the packing.

Regular shipping companies will usually charge for the expenses required to move the item from place to place, but will not include door-to-door services, import taxes, customs fees or anything else. This is referred to as the base price and the extra services are added on.

Air Freight

Almost every commercial airline offers to hold cargo for international couriers and other shipping companies, so that there is always a flight available to take the items quickly. However, there are other forms of freight, including sea and special freight, which differs.

If you search out couriers that offer air freight, you will find that your packages arrive quickly and when they promise to be there.

While air freight is the best choice in most cases, sometimes, air freight isn’t possible. If you ship items of a dangerous or hazardous nature, you will likely need to use sea freight options, as airplanes cannot hold flammable items or items that could burst.

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