Solutions for Auto Unlock if You’ve Locked Your Keys in Your Car

There is very little that is more frustrating than heading out the door to work or to an important appointment only to realize that you have locked your keys in your car and are effectively stranded. There are many rumors and clever theories about how to successfully work the Auto unlock feature on your car, but not all of them will actually work when you need them. Here are three solutions that are guaranteed to get your car unlocked so you can retrieve your keys and get on with your day.

Auto unlock with a satellite or cellular service based company.

Many newer models of cars come equipped with the capability to subscribe to this service as part of your ownership. For what amounts to relatively little money each month, you can always be assured that you will be able to unlock your car even if you have left the keys inside of them. These companies have toll free numbers that you can contact them through in the event that you are not able to access the contact button on the interior of your vehicle and they have many different systems within the vehicle that the representative can operate in the event of an emergency.

Wrecker services.

Most wrecker companies charge low service fees for Auto unlock for your vehicle in the event that you have locked your keys into the car. Of course, these fees can be influenced by things such as distance and location, time of day, and the amount of service calls the company is currently getting.

Friends and family.

While this is probably not the most desirable solution for an Auto unlock, it is almost certainly the cheapest option. Calling a friend or family member to bring you your extra set of keys can save you service fees and monthly subscription costs. Of course, this only works if your friend or family member is willing to drive to where you are located and provided that you actually have an extra set of keys that you know the location of.

Finding you have locked your keys in your car doesn’t have to be the worst point in your day, provided you have a potential solution in place beforehand.

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